Sunday, October 19, 2008

I found a real Tribble today!

What is this?
Are you asking yourself that question?
I didn't know either, until I looked it up on the internet.
I love the internet! Beats any encyclopedia set, hands down!
I found this little guy crawling on my dining room table this afternoon.
He came in with a basketful of leaves I had collected earlier... an art project to be... the leaves, not this furry critter.

I did a search on "furry caterpillar." Nickname happens to be the Tribble caterpillar, or the Puss Caterpillar. You can see why.

I knew better than to touch the little guy (or gal, who can tell?)
Generally, I have found, that when a critter looks very unusual compared to other critters in the same family, like it's more colorful, has more striking features, or is unusually bright red or furry, it could very well sting you. That's been my experience... so don't touch these amazing little critters that look as cute as a kitten!

Even if it looks as cute as a Tribble. But it isn't a Tribble. It's a Megalopyge Opercularis. That's the scientific name for the Southern Flannel Moth. Apparently they are pretty common around here in the south and east. I didn't know that, since I've never seen one before. I read that their sting is very painful.

Well, you know me... I took care of a polyphemus caterpillar two years ago... for six months, and it emerged a beautiful Giant silkworm moth. I took the Tribble critter and put him in an insect cage to take to school... maybe it will cocoon like my last one did. I'll keep you posted. I don't know a thing about this critter, but as with the Polyphemus, I will learn as I go.

I do have a fondness for, at least, a fondness for Star Trek. Here is a YouTube video about the time Captain Kirk discovered what was wreaking havoc on his ship. This is my first blogspot video post, so I'm holding my breath as I hit the publish button.


  1. You will have to keep us posted on his/her progress.

    Nature is great, and I love how you so embrace it :o)

  2. That's one of my favourite episodes of Star Trek! I can't wait to see what happens with your "tribble!" Interesting as always Bea!

  3. When I saw the title of your post, I thought of "Star Trek" right away. That little tribble looks cute, I've seen some furry caterpillars that are usually striped like a bumble bee over here, but nothing like yours. Very unique, Bea.

  4. ewwwwww..sorry but I think it's just plain 'ol ugly!! especially on a dining room table...

  5. LOL Bea! I think he's pretty cute, and DOES look sort of tribbly!

    When Ken and I visited the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas a few years ago, we got a Tribble. If you whack him gently, he coos like Tribbles do! Ha ha!

    I hope the little guy survives and you get to see what his alter ego looks like. :)


  6. I always learn something when I come over to your site.

  7. I do hope you keep us posted on his/her progress! Very cool!

    be well...

  8. He (or she) is so neat! I want one for a pet too! Can't wait to see how you do with your new friend :-)

  9. Bea! My FAVORITE Star Trek episode but I am not sure I feel the same about your critter du jour.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  10. YIKES! That first pic is a really good one, Bea, but one that inspires nightmares! What a "mouth"!! Keep us in the loop about Tribby!
    hugs, sher (wunzuponatime)