Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Bridge is OPEN!

I'm almost embarassed to write this post... but felt I needed to stop in and say I have been away from the computer, but I am well. The bridge was completed Friday, four days ago. YEAY! I'll come back with photo updates. I have lots to write about. When bridges are rebuilt, life changes are sure to follow. Good ones. My computer slowed down to the point of making any kind of internet travel frustrating and downright maddening these past couple of months. Even so, I don't think I'll be posting regularly until I get another computer. And then I'll be back, bigger, yes better ... than before!! I'm still using AOL,... maybe that has something to do with my computer troubles? My DH thinks so. But my BFF thinks I just need to get my own wireless laptop. I'm leaning toward her thinking. I hope everyone I've been following at blogspot is well. Flu season is passing, but now it feels like bronchitis season to me! Please don't forget me... I'll be back!