Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bridge Reflections on a Fall Day

I was researching an author on the internet today when my friend Alyson called.

"Put on your shoes and let's go for a walk!" she said. The sun was shining... my other choice was to clean my refrigerator.

I hung up the phone, put on my shoes and walking clothes for the cool air (60 degrees), and headed up the driveway. She met me at the stop sign up the road, and then we headed for the bridge.

As we approached the bridge, a country neighbor across the creek appeared on his side of the road. We waved and hollered hello. Alyson and I took careful steps across the metal I-beam to the other side of the creek, and introduced ourselves to the neighbor. His dog and Alyson's dog greeted each other nose to nose, then did all the other obligatory sniffing that dogs do. Eventually their neck hackles laid back and they romped about the mounds of straw covered dirt and rocks like old friends.

Recent rains have left the bridge site wet and muddy. Piles of new wood lay strapped amongst other materials on the sides of the road. Two huge cranes stand like silent sentinels guarding the concrete posts and beams. I'd like to visit on a day when the bridge builders are out here, to hear the sounds and see the mechanics of the equipment hoisting and lowering, digging and pulling, spinning and groaning... I think it would be interesting to watch. I've never watched a bridge in the process of being built. Just seen the results when it's done. I'm beginning to appreciate what bridge builders do as I watch this bridge appear from week to week.

While the dogs chased each other playfully, the three of us stood and admired the construction of the bridge, and wondered at how much higher it is than the old bridge was.

We've all gotten used to the new dynamics of having a closed road nearby. The Neighbor said that a lot of folks, who don't know how far down the road the closed section is, use his driveway to turn around in because it's the last driveway before the bridge site.

From our side, we have to deal with speeders (45 mph speed limit) who don't pay attention to the Road Out signs... how do you miss those enormous bright orange and white signs, anyway?? And there's the issue of the detour for us... those living on our side of the bridge have further to drive to get to work.

Thank goodness the price of gas is down to $3.99 a gallon this week!


  1. beautiful pictures.. looks and sounds like a good day. Gas here is down to $3.40 Yeah!

  2. Sounds like it was a nice walk.

  3. I feel kinda guilty -- our gas is 2.49/gallon here!


  4. Our road is closed at one end, the end I used to use to go to work. It has been months. You finally get used to a new routine.

    Can not imagine how high your gas was if it is only down to $3.99, ours is down to $2.89 her in Indiana.

  5. Lovely pictures Bea, especially the one of you peering through at us. Sounds a lovely walk and much more fun than cleaning out the refrigerator!

  6. Doesn't it just amaze you that driver's can totally miss all those warnings? It looks like some progress has been made on the bridge since you first posted your pictures. LOL..Bea, you look good surrounded by orange. Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Wow... love the bridge pics! But your gas is still high! We are 2.54 here in NJ! I guess that is the differnce in states... hope it comes lower for you soon!

    be well...

  8. Thanks for the bridge update Bea, it's coming along nicely.

    I still have to smile when I ear you guys moan about the price of petrol, lol. You'd have a blue fit if you came over here.

    Have the rest of a good weekend.

    B. x

  9. Sounds like a great day and a great walk! LOL at Barry's comment!

  10. Gas prices about $13 a gallon in Scotland lol

  11. Great pictures. I'm glad you took the walk. It's much for fun than cleaning. Have an awesome weekend

  12. Oops! I meant to say that it was down to $2.99 a gallon. That's what it was as of yesterday, October 18th. Sorry for the typo!!

  13. Hi Bea! Progress is moving along! However the disappearance of the portable toilette, so prominent in earliest pictures, concerns me.(g)

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  14. 2.99 a gallon. I didn't see your pet in the leaves either. But it was a beautiful day. I enjoyed it very much. Did you mention the deer skull we found? Great for Halloween decoration. I don't think you got a picture of that did you. I hope to see you "on the road" again this weekend.

  15. very interesting My favorite thing about your use of the bridge is the metaphor part of it