Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Bridge closure

It's time to put a closure to the story of our new bridge (not closure of this blog!).

For nine months it has been a regular feature of neighborhood conversations. A typical chat would go like this: "Hi, Neighbor! How are y'all doing this week?" (answers varied: Mary is sick, Stan lost his job, I'm looking for a new job, we're doing great, etc) followed by more in depth conversation....

"So how's your son in the Coast Guard?"

"He's on ship off the coast of Florida this week, loving it."

Keeping up with our children's lives is an important topic no matter how old they grow. I think those of us whose kids have grown up and moved away have adjusted well to their absence because we have friends and neighbors who remember to ask about them, and who truly appreciate the little stories we pass on to them, knowing that they will pass on the story to another neighbor. It's a living 'grapevine' I have respect and gratitude for.

"Have you heard about Mrs. Neighbor?" We often share what we know about our most senior neighbors as well, the ones we've come to know and love over the years, the ones we will be missing soon enough. Whether they still live in their homes nearby, or further away in a home care facility, we need to know how they are doing. There is a warm feeling of true neighborliness as we find out who needs a visit, a phone call, a hug... who is celebrating a life transition, or who is mourning one. When tragedy strikes one of our neighbors, you can be sure the rest of us will be there for support and comfort. But our greatest strength is that we are there. I find comfort just knowing that my neighbors are there, a holler or phone call away.

Finally, the conversation, whether it was personally in depth or cautiously distant, always got around to "The Bridge."

"So, have you seen the new bridge lately?"
"Yeah, I walked down there last week... they're making good progress...."
"Yeah, what the heck is taking them so long to finish it? Think they'll be done before the May date?"

But the most shocking, if not surprising, news was when we learned:

"Have you heard how much our new bridge is costing us (via taxes and other funding)?... a million dollars."

"Aiyeee! They could have built two bridges for that kind of money!"

But we love our new bridge, and that's all I'm going to say about that!

I wanted to have these pictures embedded throughout the text, but could not move them. I'm thinking there's something about this blogger program that I'm not using... if one of my blogging friends could enlighten me as to how to do this, I'd be ever grateful.

BTW, the sleep study was successful, as I got enough sleep. I'll get results from my doctor, but the sleep technician did say my oxygen levels dropped as I slept, so there will be changes in my sleeping habits in the future for me.

For the first time I am posting from my son's apartment! I knew I'd love having a laptop.


  1. Laptops Rock. We are leaving for vegecation tomorrow, and both of us are taking our laptops.

    Shame the bridge costs so much, but to make sure they last, they need to really beef them up. You will notice that they always use concrete, and rarely have to re-surface them.

  2. It's great hearing from you hon. The new bridge looks great, as Ken said, unfortunately he cost so much.

    I've had my laptop since Christmas and I can't imagine not having one. (Hugs)Indigo

    PS. I'm now here:

  3. Sorry to hear about the job situation in your family.
    having worked and retired from Chrysler in Kenosha, WI for over 30 years, I well know all about "one day chicken-- the next day feathers" routine.

    Tom S
    Vietnam Vet: 68-70
    Jesus is Lord.

  4. HI Bea,
    I'm pleased the bridge has now opened. Hope all continues to go well for you and yours.

  5. Hi Bea, so glad to see you back with us...keeping us up to date with all the news. I have aalways had a lap top and don't know what I would so without it. I can sit here in the sitting room, look out towards our Recreation Park see the children at play etc etc. if I was away in another room I wouldn't see all that. Much Love Sybil x

  6. many thanks for this lovely story about your great bridge!
    please come by and comment on my blgo!